Nick’s Chill Spot!

It’s finally here…!






A new space from .lame!
Nick’s Chill Spot is the perfect place for anyone to well.. chill 😀 The futon and the lounger come with 11 base fabric options, along with 11 Options per pillow. (Giving the Futon 22 Pillow options! The futon is also loaded with 35 Animations including synched couples anims (finally upgraded to AVSitter!) and also the Lounger has 25 anims.
The table also features texture change between 3 fabulous wood textures.
Land Impacts:
Futon – 4LI
Lounger – 2LI
Table – 2LI
TV Table – 3LI
Cage Lamps – 4LI
Ashtray+Remote Decor – 2LI
Tapestries – 1LI/each

Come check this set out in-world: <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>

Or on the marketplace:


.lame’s First product!




.lame has done it again!

Here we have Tea’s Couch! At a stunning 8 land impact, this beautiful 100% MESH couch will be perfect for any home! Can sit you and as many friends as you like in 10 different positions!

Keep in mind this is a First Edition! It may not be available again! So pick it up now for only 199L$!